San mamés

General information

San Mamés was and is one of the world's most unique stadiums. Respect for the players and the passion with which matches are experienced have earned it a legendary status around the world. It was inaugurated in 1913 before the current stadium was built on the same site 100 years later.

Inaugurated in 2013, but only completed in the spring of 2015, San Mamés boasts a capacity of 53,000 seats offering every possible amenity. Its roof covers virtually all the seats, sheltering them from the rain. This also adds to the exceptional acoustics, making live matches an immersive experience. 

Its exterior lighting creates a unique atmosphere in the surrounding area on match days and nights, and emits football's vibrancy and excitement across the city.

San mamés

How to get there

How to get to the stadium

Acces to San Mames Stadium is very easy both from Bilbao and from the surrounding area.

Bilbao is a pedestrian-friendly city, but it has an extensive bus (Bilbobus), metro (Metro Bilbao-Euskotren) and tram (Euskotren) based public transport service. In addition, two safe pedestrian routes will be set up from the Fan Meeting Points located in Doña Casilda Park and Indautxu Square.

Likewise, the use of public transport is recommended in any case, being able to park the private vehicle in any of the available dissuasive spaces in the surroundings of the city (more information), and then use the bus (Bizkaibus), train (Cercanías) or subway (Metro Bilbao-Euskotren) to get closer to Bilbao.



Bizkaibus line 3247 connects Bilbao with the airport or a daily basis. Information is available on the Bizkaibus website (frequency and timetable).

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