Organising a major sporting event such as the UEFA Women's Champions League final is a challenge not just for the entire city but for the region as a whole. You can get involved in this challenge and share a truly unique experience by signing up for the volunteering programme. Help out at the final and create an unforgettable memory both for yourself and for everyone else. . 


If you have any questions, you can write us an email to the address we have dedicated to volunteering for this 2024 final in Bilbao:

[email protected].  


  • Be of legal age before 1 May 2024
  • Attend the trainings 
  • Attend the established participation shifts
  • Minimum availability to participate on match day (25 May)


Volunteer roles

The Access Management team will be responsible for overseeing general access (both ingress and egress) of people and vehicles to the stadium during the operational period.

Volunteers will be present to provide general orientation information to all accredited groups to ensure smooth entry and exit to and from all stadium entrances.

Training: 19 May 

DDays of participation: 20 May to 26 May.

Total places: 24

The accreditation centre is the first point of contact for persons requiring accreditation. Depending on the function of the different working groups, they may receive different accreditation devices.

Volunteers will be responsible for welcoming and providing personalised accreditation to the different working groups.

Training: 20 May.

Days of participation: 21 May to 25 May.

Total places: 24

The UEFA anti-doping team will provide a comprehensive programme of doping control testing in UEFA competitions.

The anti-doping volunteers will be in permanent contact with UEFA's anti-doping department.

Training: 25 May.

Day of participation: 25 May.

Total: 2 places

The ceremonies team will create and execute the Ceremonies Programme. The aim is to create a safe and friendly atmosphere in the stadium. 

The Ceremony Maker Volunteers will participate in the Kick-Off Ceremony that will take place immediately before the start of the match. They will be part of the choreography and will be trained to carry scenic elements and implement coordinated movements with the music corps.

Training: 20 May to 23 May 

Participation day: 25 May.  

Total places: 134


The logistics team will be responsible for all distribution of material sent by UEFA to all relevant departments. The volunteer logistics team will support the organisation, preparation and delivery through the stadium.

Training: 17 May

Days of participation: 17 May to 26 May 

Total places: 2-3

The Event Transport team is responsible for the planning and provision of transport services. Event Transport volunteers will support during the event by managing UEFA's transport services at the hotels and in the stadium.

Training: 20 May. 

Days of participation: 20 May to 25 May 

Total places: 7

The aim is to organise the match and all services related to sporting aspects at the highest international level in accordance with UEFA standards. Volunteers will look after both teams and support the match director.

Training: 22 May

Days of participation: 22 May to 25 May

Total places: 2

The Guest Management and Protocol team is responsible for the delivery of various levels of service to all UEFA VIP guests. VIPS volunteers will support protocol management and provide assistance to UEFA VIP guests.

Training: 24 May 

Days of participation: 24 May to 25 May 

Total: 10

Hospitality Production coordinates and manages the development of the VIPS areas. In turn, it will provide catering services for the volunteers and people working at the event. The Hospitality Production volunteers will manage the guest zones according to the organisation plan used by the Hospitality Production team.

Training: 20 May 

Days of participation: 20 May to 26 May 

Total number of places: 7

The Media Operations and Services team is responsible for providing media representatives with what they need to work in the stadium. The stadium will have its own media centre, media tribune, press conference room, mixed zone and space for photographers. Media Operations and Services volunteers will support the operation of the media areas of the stadium.

Training: 23 May 

Days of participation: 24 May to 25 May  

Total number of places: 12

The Sponsorship Operations team is in charge of implementing operational projects aimed at delivering all sponsorship rights of the marketing programme to UEFA's commercial affiliates. The Sponsorship Operations volunteers will support the preparation of potential events with sponsors and the distribution of access devices, parking passes and event material.

Training: 23 May 

Days of participation: 23 May to 25 May 

Total: 1 place

The Sustainability team focuses on social, environmental and economic priorities, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle by implementing a no-smoking policy in stadiums and improving stadium accessibility for fans with reduced mobility.

Sustainability team volunteers will implement UEFA's social responsibility and sustainability policies during the match. They will also support people with reduced mobility to their respective places.

Training: 25 May 

Participation day: 25 May 

Total places: 8

The TV Operations team organises the best possible working conditions for the broadcasters who will be broadcasting on match day. The TV Operations volunteer team will provide logistical and office support to the TV team.

Training: 23 May 

Day of participation: 24 May to 25 May 

Total places: 1

The Venue Management department will manage the use and distribution of the meeting rooms. In turn, they will oversee the general office responsibilities and needs of the staff in the stadium.

The Venue Management Volunteering team will create an environment that allows all stadium staff to carry out their tasks as efficiently as possible.

Training: 20 May 

Day of participation: 20 May to 26 May 

Total number of places: 21

The aim of the Volunteer Management team is to implement a high quality, efficient, sustainable and memorable Volunteer Programme through the appropriate involvement of volunteers with the right skills, availability and motivation to support the organisation of the event.

Volunteer Management volunteers will be in charge of the activities related to the management of the volunteer centre, where all volunteers will gather at the start and end of their shift.

Training: 19 May 

Days of participation: 20 May to 26 May 

Total: 15 places