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Today's Bilbao, capital city of the historical territory of Biscay and the most populated city in the Basque Country, digs its roots into tradition to raise awareness to those who discover it with a surprising flair of modernity. The city of Bilbao is an example of global urban transformation whilst maintaining a unique identity that makes it one of a kind and distinctive.

Bilbao expands in what is its natural "botxo" (a hollow) and extends towards the sky in a cosmopolitan setting that coexists with the Old Quarter, where the city's history began. Bursting with contrasts, walking around the city is an enjoyable and wide-ranging experience.

The city has known how to reinvent itself, combining delightful spots with a cosmopolitan atmosphere that is immediately evident. You can discover the city inside out, visit the emblematic locations and buildings that have shaped its identity, and discover the main factors behind its spectacular reconversion.

When it comes to eating, you will realise why Basque cuisine has earned the reputation it has in so many different guises. And if you enjoy traditional experiences, Bilbao has all kinds of these to offer, guaranteeing that no one misses out on the most authentic of them all.

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Getting around Bilbao and the rest of Biscay is a breeze thanks to the wide range of transport options available: tram, underground, bus, train, bicycle and many other options.

Bilbao is a city that is well suited for getting around on foot, but if you prefer to use public transport, we recommend that you explore the city without having to have coins on you. It's as simple as getting a Barik or a Bilbao Biscay Card: two transport cards that are available for you.

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The Surrounding Area

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Bilbao's neighbouring towns, both inland and on the coast, are steeped in history and boast a natural charm that is sure to fascinate you. Beyond Bilbao, the coast of Biscay is an explosion of contrasts. Three universes coexist on the same coastline. A perfect cocktail of industry, history and unspoilt nature.

You can discover the milestones of industrial heritage from Zierbena to Portugalete, board the "Biscay" or "Hanging" transporter bridge to cross to the more majestic side of the coast: Getxo; a town teeming with stately homes and mansions overlooking its urban beaches. Visit the quaint Old Port of Algorta, and even dive into one of the roughest coasts of the Bay of Biscay: Sopela, Bermeo, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Mundaka, Ondarroa, Lekeitio...

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The maritime landscape is not the only appeal you will find in the towns you visit, because apart from exploring their old quarters with their undeniable charm, you will also discover treasures of great monumental wealth.

You can marvel at the breathtaking beauty of the green woodland and walk along the cobbled streets of the fascinating villages at the foot of the valleys. And, of course, you can also walk around locations where Basque mythological stories are narrated. Valleys, mountains, rivers, history and dreams, beauty and traditions. Medieval cobblestones, gates, arches, echoes of the glorious past, customs and merchants who transported wool from Castile to the shipping ports, bound for northern Europe.